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Platonic same sex relationships are simple - they exist as emotional support and to boost our ability to function in society - therefore aiding in our quest to propagate.

Relationships with people of the opposite sex, however, are not so. I'm talking about so-called platonic friendships between members of the opposite sex (or for homosexuals, I suppose the same sex). I believe that in every friendship, it exists for one reason, and one reason alone. sex. At least one party wants to fuck the other. If both parties feel the same way, the friendship is generally a lot stronger/closer. But it rarely develops because habit and custom have made the parties used to the status quo by the time they realise the truth. However, more often than not, it is unrequited. Now, the parties may not even realise this consciously (or more likely do not want to admit) , but I have found it to be an infallible rule. I know it is true for myself, and for my friends whom I have told of my theory.
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