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This isn't technically a rant but I thought I should write something so I shall comment on something I was thinking about today.

I went over to Newcaslte today for a job interview. On the way back to catch my train to Workington I saw a group of men trainspotting. They are ALWAYS there so that was no real suprise to me but it sort of did at the same time. I am not being funny and I know to a lot of people may think that my hobbies of shooting people in games, canoeing and occasionally wrestling may seem odd but I do not get trainspotting at all. It's like, you look at a train, take a number, write it down and then wait for the next train. I really don't get it. I am thinking of going back and convincing these people I want to become a trainspotter just to see what happens when they have loads of numbers, I just have images of them sitting around rather like this:

Man 1: I saw train ne1879x today!
Man 2: please, I've seen ne1879x like 5 times this month!
Women 1: you wanna see a train? you should see qp5964! 
Women 2: you saw qp5964?! I have been lookin for that for ages!
Man 3: You haven't seen qp5964?! I thought everyone had seen that!

And so it continues, I don't wish to get down on anyone who does, one hobby is a vaild as the next, I just don't understand it. 
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