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fetal alcohol syndrome

Alright, this community has sort of died so I'm going to post in it.

This past month, I've had a new job working with three mentally disabled people:
  • Lonnie, a 56 year old man
  • Cissy, a 40 year old woman
  • Jonas, a 24 year old man
Each of these people have opened my eyes.
Lonnie has had a good life; but it's sad how few resources were out there when he was younger for people like him. I can't remember what form of mental retardation he has; but I'm thinking it's moderate/severe. Which isn't bad at all. Most people now with this form of mental retardation since birth can learn to learn basic tasks and can partially live on their own. But that's because of schools, and back when Lonnie was young he didn't have this as an option; when you had a kid with mental retardation you kept them home and they learned basic household chores, which he does know. He can do most everything on his own, he just needs someone around to cook and stuff.
Now on to Cissy. She's been blind since birth, has profound mental retardation, and walks with a limp. Her family gave her up to an institution when she was only 18 months old. How could someone do this to their child?! It's outrageous. Maybe this was standard and expected in their time, but with a family to love her she could have thrived. Not that she isn't doing fine and all, but it's just sad thinking of the people her parents must have been to do this to her.
Jonas' case is the one that saddens me the most....he has fetal alcohol syndrome. We've all heard the term, but until you've seen it, live, up close and in person, you have no idea. It's terrible. I never want to drink again, even when I'm not pregnant. He's got a plethora of deficits. Such as deafness, poor eyesight, one of his legs is about 1/2 a foot shorter than the other, and he has profound mental retardation. The worst part, I think, is that he has a brother just like him. How could you do this to your children? I'm thinking his mom might have done harder drugs too, but no one knows. No one really knows anything of the parents. It just angers me that people can be so goddamn self centered and not only ruin their lives but their children's too. Jonas is happy, but just think of what he could have been had his mother not have made these choices: a doctor, a lawyer, a basketball player, anything. It's absolutely horrible what people can do to themselves and their children.
Working with these three has also opened my eyes about mentally disabled people in general. I was always sort-of on the eugenics side of things; because I thought that these people were suffering. Now I know that eugenics is a bad thing, and these people don't suffer unless we let them suffer by not caring for them. Jonas, Cissy, and Lonnie are very happy people. I wish 'normal' people could be as happy as these three. They're just so content, so....comfortable. It's sweet.
Anyway....that's enough from me. Let's get some more rants going on in here, I know you guys have something to say....

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"I wish 'normal' people could be as happy as these three. They're just so content, so....comfortable. It's sweet."

I remember thinking that a while ago when I got accepted into college. The college I went to was for dissabled people who were trying to get back into work. It was setup by the Job Centre for me and the idea was that I could learn new skills, build up my confidence again (and sort my head out so that I wasn't in a pit of despair everyday) and ultimatlly lead to a job. 8 months on from leaving I have got a job, moved out of my parents and am now finally starting to become indipendent. In the college I knew a lot of people. I knew one guy Paddy who was and probably always will be in a wheelchair, he didn't care about the wheelchair and neither did we. He was just paddy who was very funny when he got drunk and occasioanlly asked for our help if he was too drunk to get back to his room and couldn't find his key's. Another guy I knew called Mark, soundest guy in the world and I grew to know him very well, I am not sure what happened to him but he had three seperate (including his own) personallities in his head and depending on which one was talking to him and thinking for him determined how he spoke to you, he was never scary, you just had to be careful. Another mate of mine (I won't mention his name as he may read this and I wouldn't want to blab about him or embraress him) had very bad eyesite that was slowly deteroating, could not be sorted and will most likely make him permently blind in the next few years. All of this lead me to one question in my head whilst I was there. "What fuckin right have I got to be here?" My health is fine (no thanks to me), I have not cut in nearly a year and a half now and I am watching my intake of alcahol - though at the time that was not the case which was just the point, I was unable to just shake myself down (as I am learning to do) and get over whatever it was that made me so damn miserable but as I say I was not able to, it made it worse and I felt worse thinking about why I deserved to be there and that would lead me into more self pity. I am not sure where this is going but my point is I agree with your statement as it did and occasionally does apply to me.

Can I also say how cool what it is your doing Stef, seriously hon, it's people like yourselves that restore my faith in the human race.
Thanks for the compliment...I really appreciate it :-)

Yeah, I was in a hospital for the mentally ill (not an institution or anything, a psych ward is all) and I was the same way.
I haven't cut since...6.6.2006 so I'm doing quite well myself. But a year and a half?! great job, man.